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A co-worker is always stealing my ideas


Q - A co-worker is always stealing my ideas…what should I do?

A - Are you openly sharing your ideas with this person, if not then you must immediately report this to a superior. However if you are, and they keep stealing them, why are you still doing that?  Are you using them as a sounding board?  Or are you hoping to get them to develop your ideas further with you?  You obviously thought you had a good relationship with this person, so what has gone wrong. Perhaps it is time to find someone you can trust to have these discussions with. Or maybe you can have a discussion with your colleague to find out why they are taking credit for your ideas.  Finally I wonder why you aren’t taking these ideas on for yourself. Do you feel your ideas aren't good enough, or are you afraid of rejection from your boss? It might be a good idea to look at your confidence levels and develop those.