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My boss is leaving and I'm worried


Q - My boss is leaving and I’m worried her replacement won’t share her vision.

A - Change is always disruptive, whether you like change or not.  When it is your boss who is being replaced this can obviously have a big impact on whether you are going to enjoy your job.  However, worrying about it before it has even happened probably won’t help.  It’s not something that you can influence, so you need to accept it and focus on what you CAN do.  In my experience, now is the time to focus on your own performance and to make sure you have a clear strategy, so that when your new boss arrives you can demonstrate how your vision drives success.  If they operate differently then this might be even better than your old boss’ way of doing things, so give them a chance.  If it turns out to be a bad thing THEN worry - about finding a new role and a new boss.