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What can I do about an unpopular team member?




Q One of my staff gives great results, but the team don't like him.  What can I do?


A We don’t have to like everyone we work with - but we do need to respect what they do and be able to put differences behind us so that the work gets done.  So it really depends how much of an impact this internal conflict has on individuals, the team and their effectiveness.  If that person is in quite an isolated role, then you may not have to do much.  If it is vital that this person interacts with the rest of the team then you need to start by finding out what issues people have, and whether they are valid (observe them for yourself), assumed (people do that a lot) or it could even be discrimination, where a group of people have decided to isolate an individual for one or more reasons.  It could take some time to understand the situation fully, but once you have done so you will be in a much better position to know how to resolve the issue - it will be worth the long term investment in getting more out of your team.