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Why has there been a drop in performance since we merged teams?


Q - Why has there been such a drop in performance when we merged a number of teams together?

A - This situation is not unusual, and the root cause normally relates to your clarity and communication as a leader as well as whether you have taken time to focus on and “re-build’ your team.  You might want to ask yourself if the mission, vision and values of the new team have changed.  You are bringing cultures together, so I suspect something will have changed. You need to identify the changes, refine them and communicate them to everyone.  There may also be some confusion over roles and responsibilities, so you need to revisit them all to make sure there are no overlaps or gaps.  Make time for people to understand each other, their roles and what makes each team member tick.  Do more listening than usual, so that the team can get across their ideas about the new structure and allow them to contribute positively towards making it work.  As you make the transition, recognise those who are demonstrating the right values and behaviours, so that others will follow their lead.