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Why aren't all my leaders positive?




Q - One of my senior team does some excellent things but, particularly recently, they are quite negative in most of the things they do.  How can I get back the positive leader I know?


A - How closely are you listening to this person now?  Or have you closed your ears to their negativity?  Spend some regular time with them, understanding their issues.  Help them decide the importance of each issue, and what can be done about it - can they resolve it, can someone else resolve it, or is it outside of their sphere of influence?  Be clear about what action is being taken, and by whom.  This should lead to more positive outcomes and therefore a more positive individual.  However, if the person continues to be negative, you need to have a performance management discussion with them - set expectations that continuing to be negative is just not acceptable, expressing the impact it has on those around them.  Ask them how they are going to be more positive and hold them accountable.