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How can we reorg without disruption?


Q - Our biggest competitor has just had a big re-organisation and I feel like we should too, but how can we avoid it being too disruptive?

A - It is important to be aware of your competitors and their strategies, but also to be clear about your own.  Is your response because you feel it will give your competitor an advantage over you in the market, or are you in a ‘me too’ scenario?  If your reasons for a re-organisation are clear, then there is going to be some disruption, so also ask if this is the right time.  For me the most important part of any re-organisation is the communication.  People want to understand the reasons and purpose behind it, and how it is going to help them all to be successful moving forwards.  If people are changing teams, make sure they have time to understand each other and to find the common goals.  If all these things are in place then you will find people will go with you rather than fight against you.