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My team are coming back from furlough


QMy staff are coming back from furlough, how do I get the team spirit back?

AIt really depends on how much team spirit you have lost during the furlough period, and whether you have been keeping in touch with furloughed staff.  If not, then you need to open up communication lines, and find out how they are feeling about coming back to work.  Use your active listening skills to understand what they need to feel included again, and be ready to answer questions about how things will work, how they will adapt to the new ways of working and particularly around how you will make it safe for them to come to work.  Next is to have some tasks that people can get their teeth into, so be clear about their objectives and keep in touch regularly as they ease back into work.  I wouldn’t expect everyone to get straight back into top gear, so you may have to be patient as well.