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How do we change a blame culture in our management?


Q - How do we change a blame culture in our management?

A - The obvious answer is “stop blaming people”, but I’m sure you know it is more complex than that.  Your employees need to feel a good balance of support and challenge in order to perform to their best. The support creates an environment where it is ok to take risks and to fail, as long as the failures are not going to kill the business.  However, you want people to learn from their mistakes rather than repeating them, so you also need to be able to provide constructive feedback and set clear goals about your expectations.  This ethos has to embed across the whole business, so that when times are tough, all areas of the business come together to meet a shared goal, rather than working in silos to defend their position within the business.  Building this environment takes time and your leaders will all have to demonstrate that they can walk the talk, in order to maintain the trust with their teams.  It only takes one incident of blame to undermine years of building trust!