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My young team are always questioning my mandates


Q - My young team are always questioning my mandates, how can I get them to do what I ask?

A - I would suggest you listen to their questions and ask yourself what you need to do differently.  Is there a lack of clarity in your instructions or do your team disagree with your approach.  Are you delegating objectives or tasks? This will affect how much ownership they take of the delivery.

If your communication is not clear or keeps changing then there needs to be more consistency in your approach, so that your team can understand what is expected of them.  If they disagree with your approach then there needs to be some discussion about it, particularly the purpose of the task within the wider context of the business, of which they may be unaware. 

If you only delegate tasks and activities then you are asking people to do things mechanically, just because you want them done.  If you set an objective and allow your team to deliver it their way then they are more likely to buy into it and get it done.  Oh, and sometimes you might want to ask them what they think needs doing too.