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How can I give my staff bad corporate news?



Q - How can I be expected to give my team bad corporate news when I don’t agree with the decision?  It’s a lose-lose for us managers, and I expect some of my team to leave.

A - So it must be bonus time (or no-bonus time!) in your organisation.  I agree this is one of the toughest aspects of being a manager, however you have a responsibility to the company as well as your team to deliver news, good and bad.  First of all, make sure you understand the background to the news and, where possible, the decision making process.  I would bet that your boss is equally as frustrated as you, but there are likely to be good reasons.  Give the news in a balanced way, which may mean putting aside how you feel, avoiding blaming specific people in the company.  If people feel like leaving, talk to them individually, and openly, about the pros and cons of their role and the organisation, to put this news into the larger context.  Understanding what makes them tick can help to focus on the positive aspects of work, which may be temporarily clouded by this bad news.