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New tasks are distracting my team


Q - My team are used to being given objectives and getting on with things without me watching over them.  Recently senior bosses have been imposing a number of tasks that we all have to do, which is distracting us from running our business.  A number of my team are frustrated and have started looking at other jobs.  How can I keep them in the business during these difficult times?

A - Your first step is to make sure you understand why you are being told to carry out these tasks and then explain the reasons to your teams - most businesses would only do this in extreme circumstances, so there must be a business driver at the heart of these decisions.  Try to find out what they are going to do with the outcomes of these activities, so that your team can understand they are still doing something valuable.  Finally try to establish the end game - when are these activities going to stop and what is going to happen next.  That way there can be a light at the end of a frustrating tunnel.  You may need to challenge your bosses if they cannot justify the need for them.  While this ‘micromanagement’ is taking place, ensure that you continue to give your team the autonomy they expect from you and support them in getting these activities done in the quickest way.