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Times are tough, how can I get the team spirit back


Q - Whenever times are tough in our business, it seems that teamwork goes out of the window, it is everyone for themselves and some people inevitably leave!  This feels counter-productive to me, how can I get that team spirit back?

A - As you point out, when there are business challenges to overcome, you need your team to work together effectively more than ever.  If people are isolating themselves you have to ask why, and the answers I usually hear are :-

a) they don’t understand where the business is going now
b) they don’t understand what is required of them as a team
c) they don’t feel valued because all the talk is negative

Consider whether you are being clear with your communication. Try more face to face activities where people have the opportunity to ask questions, you listen attentively and are proactive about answering.  Set team goals and discuss progress on a regular basis, so everyone knows how things are going.  Celebrate small successes, both individually and as a team, so everyone understand what success looks like and can enjoy reaching it as a team.