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Ask Alan - Rewards

- I really appreciate it when one of the team goes above and beyond their duties, and always give them recognition at a team meeting, usually with a gift of some sort.  However this doesn’t always seem to be motivating for the individual - why not?

A - By giving the recognition at a team meeting you are satisfying an individual’s need for public recognition.  Not everyone wants public recognition, in fact some people will be embarrassed by receiving an ‘award’ like this in front of the team.  If you continue to give the public praise, make sure you explain WHY they are getting it, as this will appeal to their need to make a difference.  Start to think about what else might motivate them, and consider a wider range of reward strategies to meet those motivators.


Q - I don’t feel I am valued for the work I do - how can I change that?

A - Set up a meeting with your manager to discuss changes you need to see. When it comes to letting your manager know what will make you feel valued the ball is in your court. A meeting will allow you to discuss where you feel your strengths lie and reinforce the value that you bring to the team.  Clear proof of the contributions you make are what will make your manager stand up and take notice and can help to contribute to a more positive working environment.  I suggest you seek out feedback from colleagues or customers prior to that meeting.


Q - Should I fire my grumpy staff?

A - A small change in a leader’s reward strategy to each individual will make a big difference to employee motivation and customer service. To read more click here


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