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Corporate Executive Coaching

Extra Dimension helps Corporate and Business clients focus on their situation, reach for success and achieve results via Corporate Executive Coaching. We work from business and personal perspectives, using interactive discussions, psychometric questionnaires, challenges and tasks. We provide the tools and the support to help people develop. Whether people are changing roles or careers, managing work or team situations or finding that work-life balance, executive coaching brings enormous benefits through empowerment and self-directed learning.



How Coaching Can Help You?



  • Moving to the next level in the organisation
  • Moving into a new, more challenging role
  • Dealing with uncertainty and change


  • Achieving career aspirations
  • Planning and driving career changes
  • Understanding and building on strengths


  • Inheriting a team
  • Dealing with an under-performing team
  • Dealing with a high performing team
  • Implementing changes in the team


  • Dealing with individual differences
  • Becoming a manager for the first time
  • Stop avoiding problems or issues
  • Establishing new ways of working
  • Identifying new opportunities


  • Wanting to achieve more
  • Stepping back from the day-job
  • Identifying issues preventing achievement
  • Being organised, taking control of time


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