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Team Development

Are you an inspirational leader? Do your teams love what they do and love working for you? Do they always deliver?

By having good levels of awareness of what makes you and your teams tick, you can make some small changes that will have a big impact on your success. Extra Dimension can help with a Team Development programme.

How can a Motivation Review help? 

Sharing the feelings of success with your team makes it all worthwhile - hearing their excitement when they over-achieve; seeing the delight on their faces when you announce the results.

With the financial quarters rushing by, how can a motivation review help you to look forward and make sure the alarm bells won’t be ringing next quarter?

Motivation review results are available in a matter of weeks and 
mean that you will have a clear action plan of how to get the best 
from every one of your people.


Is one of your best people about to leave? 


We have the tools to help you identify employees that are looking to leave and therefore we can reduce your
business costs by putting a retention plan in place immediately. Take a look at the Oracle case study to see how we can help.


Do you have a high performing team and need that little extra? 


Motivation Reviews help you to better understand the people within your business and give you the tools to treat them, and manage them, as individuals.  A working knowledge of the team’s Motivation Profile enables you to tailor your communication, rewards and change strategies by engaging with their non-financial drivers. You gain more control and efficiency which leads to increased profitability. Take a look at a case study of how we helped Oracle with this issue.

Do you have individuals, or whole teams, who are under performing? 


Working with Extra Dimension will give you the power to identify what an individual is looking for in their work, the way they like to be managed and rewarded, and most importantly, identify what will de-motivate them. This makes your life easier, helping you to keep motivation, and performance, at optimum levels. Motivation Reviews also identify specific areas of concern from your team. This drives easier decision making and improved team strategy, policy and planning - resulting in a correlation between motivation and performance.

Is one of your team in the wrong role? 


Business success depends upon every employee performing to their full potential. A motivation review will identify the people who have found themselves in a role that doesn’t motivate them and help reposition them within roles where their performance and productivity will be 100%. Go to our Case Studies section to read about how we achieved this in other organisations.

Do you want to spend less time managing your people? 


Do you manage people how they want to be managed, or how you like to manage them? A motivation review will help you understand what makes your team tick and enable you to adapt your management style to get the best out of every one of them. It reduces the time you spend managing by enabling you to work on the areas that are important to each individual.

Are there conflicts in your team that you want to resolve? 


Whether large or small, most teams have the potential for conflict at some point - usually a really important time when you could do without it! The most serious conflicts are likely to relate to people’s motivators - their emotional drivers. Understanding the team’s motivation profile will enable you to pre-empt and deal with conflict effectively, and to find the positive side of each conflict.

If you and your team are suffering from any of the above issues, we can help - get in touch today!