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500% ROI in 3 Months

increased sales by up to 15%





Oracle is one of the largest global IT software solutions companies in the world. The ACS team at Oracle are responsible for the development of new business for the United Kingdom. As a team there are 11 sales people including the manager.



The team manager commissioned a Team Motivation Review with the following objectives:

•    Understand how individuals are motivated
    Understand how to motivate staff in different ways
    Understand how to increase the team performance
    Gain additional strategies to implement change where needed
    Develop ways to maintain team motivation



    Three team members identified as having lower than expected motivation
    Need for ‘hands off’ management style identified
    Cost savings in the excess of £50,000
    Projected increased sales by around 10% - 15%
•    ROI of over 500% in less than 3 months
    Dramatic change in performance in less than 1 month