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Dramatic Change in Performance




Oracle is one of the largest global IT software solutions companies in the world. The ACS team at Oracle are responsible for the development of new business for the United Kingdom. The team wanted to investigate individual motivators and de-motivators, to enable them to increase productivity and team morale.



The team manager commissioned a Team Motivation Review with the following objectives:

  • Understand how individuals are motivated
  • Understand how to motivate staff in different ways
  • Understand how to increase the team performance
  • Develop ways to maintain team motivation


  • Individuals found the Motivation Reports highly beneficial in identifying what motivates them and how they can improve their own level of motivation.
  • Team managers were able to look at different managerial styles that get the most out of their employees, this created a higher level of productivity.
  • Slight changes to individual roles increased the confidence within the team and led to more efficient processes.
  • Some individuals reported it also helped them in their personal life, which in turn meant they were more focused and motivated in the workplace.
  • The overall effect saw a dramatic change in performance in less than 1 month.