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Employee Retention and Performance




Capita is the UK’s leading provider of business process management and integrated professional support service solutions, delivering to many of the public sector and emergency services across the country.  The Capita Software Division employs around 4000 staff and offers software solutions to Capita Group and direct to public sector and commercial enterprises.  Extra Dimension and Capita Software have been working together since 2017 to ensure their leaders understand how to get the best from their teams.



Extra Dimension was commissioned to conduct Team Motivation Reviews for the Leadership Teams across Capita Software.  The main objectives were to :-

  • Help leaders to understand each other’s drivers in order to be more effective as a team
  • Understand how individuals were feeling about their work, and whether they may be considering leaving and/or may be in the wrong roles
  • Guide leaders to take clear actions to maintain and increase employee motivation and performance in order to manage retention pro-actively during extensive transformation programmes
  • Enhance the career and succession planning across all teams




  • Identified a number of potential flight risks and implemented successful retention plans
  • Enabled leaders to understand employees’ levers and how to get the best from each individual through appropriate rewards and drivers
  • Helped leaders to develop and focus their coaching and management style in order to adapt to each individual
  • Increased the focus on career planning, to ensure people are in roles that they enjoy, enabling them to reach their full potential
  • Helped leaders to understand the team dynamic, such as potential tensions, leading to more effective issue resolution
  • By having a better understanding of each other, leadership teams improved their collaboration and support, bringing them closer together and being more effective