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Executive Team Alignment




Xuber is one of the UK’s leading insurance software and services providers.  They have designed, implemented and supported mission critical solutions for brokers, carriers and health organisations globally.  Having acquired two other companies in their market, the leadership team asked Extra Dimension to help them to bring the companies together whilst ensuring everyone felt valued in their new roles.  The Executive Director specifically wanted to bring more cohesion to the executive leadership team.



Extra Dimension was commissioned to initially conduct a Team Motivation Review followed by carrying out ongoing training and development in order to ensure that the results of the review were implemented effectively. The main objectives were:

  • Provide individuals with greater self awareness of their influencing styles
  • Provide the team with a greater understanding of each other, including their leader
  • Help the team to work better together, using each others strengths to influence change



  • The review identified the need to maintain and communicate a clear vision and strategy, so that the
    team understands what success looks like and can celebrate reaching it
  • The leadership team share more, in particular best practices around how to remove obstacles
    to success
  • The team now has a clear charter, and is more consistent with its messages and branding across
    the organisation
  • The follow up coaching with each individual helped them to focus on their contribution to the team
    while taking control of their development and career progression