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Innovative Sales Strategies





Oracle is one of the largest global IT software solutions companies in the world. The Technology sales teams are responsible for the development of new business for the United Kingdom and are typically aligned to customers by industry.



The team manager commissioned a Team Motivation Review, with the following objectives:

•    Retain top talent within the team and organisation
    Identify new strategies to communicate internally and with customers
    Improve the understanding of what motivates a customer to buy 



    A number of issues were highlighted and action plans put in place to resolve them, helping to retain individuals
    The management team now adapt their leadership styles toward individual motivators, which is more effective and has
      increased team productivity
    The team take more time to research and listen to customers and prospects, enabling them
 to adapt their communication
    Specific revisions to customer communications have enabled the team to arrange meetings that had not been possible
    The team is more focussed than ever on how it can achieve results