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Leading a remote team




IRIS Software Group is the UK’s largest privately held software company providing business management software to over 650,000 SME’s and 21,000 Accountancy firms across the country.  IRIS has 16 offices throughout the UK, while many of their staff work remotely.  IRIS asked Extra Dimension to help them get the most from their teams.



Extra Dimension was commissioned to conduct a Team Motivation Review for the Chief Customer Officer.  The main objectives were to:

  • Understand what makes everyone tick and whether these motivators were being met by the current structure of their work
  • Help the team to have a better understanding of each other’s motivators
  • Improve communication and performance across the team



  • Identified flight risks within the team, with retention plans to mitigate those risks

  • Identified which team members are comfortable working remotely and which need more interaction

  • Developed effective communication plans for individuals so they feel more engaged and valued

  • Initiated closer working relationships within the team through understanding how to get the best from each other 

  • Helped IRIS to make better use of technology to engage more regularly and effectively as a team