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Siemens is a leading global engineering company, employing around 13,000 people in the UK. The Company provides innovative solutions to help tackle the world’s major challenges, across the key sectors of energy, industry, infrastructure & cities and healthcare. Alison Emery is Head of Communications for the Energy Sector, she worked closely with Extra Dimension on a one-to-one coaching project to help her better understand her own strengths and abilities, with the focus on using these to lead a more productive, settled team.



Extra Dimension was commissioned to do one-to-one coaching with the following objectives:

  • To help Alison understand her own motivators, and those of her team
  • To identify Alison’s strengths and abilities
  • To build on existing leadership skills and confidence
  • Develop ways to maintain Alison’s motivation


  • Alison now has a much clearer understanding of her own motivators
  • Alison can effectively delegate to her team and engage them in active decision-making
  • Alison is better able to manage the relationships around her and knows how to plan for a positive outcome
  • Alison has a tailored action plan in place to maintain her motivation and performance levels
  • Senior management and her team have noticed subtle changes and reported back to Alison, thereby increasing Alison’s confidence and self-belief.