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"Our staff appreciated the time to look at themselves and the team from a different angle. The results have been clear and positive, with everyone knowing how we can succeed at personal, team and organisational levels."

Stuart Brinicombe, Regional Vice President, Flexera Software


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"The programme re-confirmed our commitment to our staff, who needed an energy boost after some busy, successful years of business. It was a joy to see them feel empowered to make a difference in their own way, with our full support."

Jim Barry, Managing Director, Total Objects



"The approach works at a strategic and tactical level. It delivers specific insights and action plans which enable us to be pro-active in managing our best people."

Julie Whelan - HR Director, Xuber



“I’ve been amazed at how useful the motivation report has been, not only in understanding my own motivations and behaviour but also in understanding other people’s motivations – especially those who have been open about their own reports. It definitely changes the way in which I can work with them and seek to agree activities between us that reach our joint goals, while playing to each others strengths and motivations.”

Steve Fleming, Client Services Manager



"The coaching has been very useful for me at a time when I’ve been at a crossroads in my career. It encouraged me to focus and build on my skills and experience and to set my sights on senior roles within the organisation. It has given me the confidence to convince myself and others that I am ready for the challenge that a specific role would bring, and I was recently confirmed in this new role on the Board."

Claire Jarvis, Director of Communications



"The coaching has been invaluable in helping me transition to a new and bigger role. In particular it has helped me to consider my own needs and development opportunities, including coping with a great deal of uncertainty in my career direction. I have been particularly impressed with the support given on my people management challenges."

Heather Garrett, Head of HR



"We’ve seen a dramatic increase in quality pipeline and sales in less than 3 months.  The Motivation Review has paid for itself many times over."

Rupert Jarron, Senior Sales Director, ACS

"Extra Dimension has an excellent talent for developing people. They provide the right level of encouragement and challenge, which motivates people to continue developing themselves. I achieved fast track promotion to Director and then Senior Director. The coaching has helped by providing the challenge that I needed to step outside of the status quo, while helping me to plan and prioritise in a considered fashion."

Louise Wiles, Senior Director, Customer Management




"Extra Dimension’s management training was engaging and well received by all. The result has been better consideration and ‘early intervention’ on people issues, as well as close co-operation between the teams. We are a growing and evolving business and this has enabled our company to manage change more effectively."

Ian Bowles, CEO