helping you and your team to be more
engaged, motivated and effective

helping you and your team to be more
engaged, motivated and effective

Welcome to Extra Dimension

At Extra Dimension we specialise in team development, executive coaching and management training, enabling leaders to unleash the full brilliance of their people.

We facilitate small, but significant changes which drive sustainable improvements to individual, team and organisational engagement and performance.

Alan Adair
Employee Performance Specialist

Ask Alan

Over the years we have been asked hundreds of pertinent questions about real life people issues and we have captured some of them. Things like:

How can I get the best from my remote workers?
How can I motivate during a pay freeze?
How can I deal with corporate constraints?
Should I fire my grumpy staff?

Contact us if you would like a full list or have your own question you need an external view on.


Are you an inspirational leader? Do your teams love what they do and love working for you? Do they always deliver?

By understanding what makes you and your teams tick, you can have a laser-approach to motivating them which will significantly increase your chances of success.

Is one of your best people about to leave?

Are you and your teams ticking? If not, why not and what can you do about it? A motivation review will enable you to put retention plans in place immediately

Is your team under-performing?

Motivation and performance are directly correlated. If you link rewards to motivators, team performance will follow

Do you want to spend less time managing your people?

If you understand how you manage people and how they prefer to be managed, you will soon learn how to get the best from everyone with minimal time and effort.

Executive Coaching

Whether people are changing roles or careers,
managing work or team situations or seeking a better work life balance, executive coaching brings enormous benefits through empowerment and self-directed learning.

It is particularly useful for new managers in conjunction with our Management Essentials training, to build confidence, develop careers, lead teams and drive performance.

Management Essentials

Especially relevant for new managers, we can tailor management training to fit in with your needs. We cover the full range of responsibilities that will keep a manager out of tribunals, and we can deliver the training in a variety of formats, from “lunch and learn” modules to a full training course.

The content is always based on real life situations and encourages attendees to discuss and learn from each other.


“With remote working becoming the norm, Extra Dimension accelerates how we can develop a high performing team, regardless of where they are based”
Chief Operating Officer, IRIS Software Group
“We’ve seen a dramatic increase in quality pipeline and sales in less than 3 months. The Team Motivation Revew has paid for itself many times over”
Senior Sales Director, Oracle ACS
“The results have been clear and positive, with everyone knowing how we can succeed at the personal, team and organisational levels”
Regional Vice President, Flexera Software


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