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We prefer to let our clients do the talking, so please take a look at our case studies and testimonials.

Influencing senior people to help you to succeed requires communicating with them on their terms, using language and behaviour that motivates them to get results. To do this you need to recognise that your success depends on others and be genuinely interested in making others successful – maybe even more successful than you! By building on their strengths you will develop the confidence and capability that are essential.

The team of associates at Extra Dimension have a number of things in common. We all have a business background, not just theoretical ideas about how to get the best from your people.

We share the same goals - delivering quality, customer-focussed programmes that add value to your business by improving the performance of each and every individual.

We share the same values - making a difference, trust, accountability, teamwork.



Alan Adair


Following more than 20 years of building and leading successful teams, Alan gained a reputation for mobilising resources to resolve difficult issues and putting frameworks around new ideas so they could be implemented effectively.

Today he uses that breadth of experience to develop your leaders, through a combination of training, executive coaching and by helping them to improve their results using motivation reviews.



Emma Dutton


As a former Head of L&D and with a strong HR business partner background, Emma is recognised for her expertise and passion in enabling businesses and their people to grow.  Her breadth of experience includes global organisational development, talent management and employee engagement, as well as being certified in motivation reviews.



Graham Neale


Graham is our lead on Leadership and Management Training programmes. He uses his vast experience of being a leader and having trained literally hundreds of leaders to drive you to be best in class.




Lesley Tune


Lesley is our HR specialist, having been at the sharp end for more years than her photo gives away, and is our lead on HR for non-HR Manager programmes. She is lively, challenging and great to work with.




Conrad Hoe

It is with heavy hearts that we have to bring you the sad news that our trusted friend and colleague, Conrad Hoe, passed away suddenly at the end of October 2015.

Many of you will have enjoyed working with Conrad and benefited from his positive approach to work and life.  He brought energy and enthusiasm to every project and made a huge difference to his clients.

For me in particular, Conrad was always there with support and challenge which helped shape me and Extra Dimension into what we are today.

Thanks for everything Conrad, we will miss you.


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