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How can I build my confidence in the workplace?


QHow can I build my confidence in the workplace?

AI recently read a statistic suggesting that 80% of women have ‘imposter syndrome’ at some point in their career.  If true, that is quite shocking, and means that organisations, and especially leaders, need to pay more attention to building confidence (for women AND men!).  However it is a joint responsibility, where individuals can take some simple steps to build on their strengths, rather than focussing on the negatives.  For me, the key is take a balanced view of your own performance.  People who lack confidence generally focus on what has gone wrong.  If we start with the positives, and remember the positives, we can start to believe in ourselves.  So, next time you ‘assess your performance’ and start with how you can improve, pause, and think about what you do well first.  Maybe even write down some of the positives, and the feedback you get from others.  You might be surprised at the impact of such a small change in habit.