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How can I get better cross-team interaction?


Q - My team work together really well, but when it comes to working with other teams, things don't go so well. How can I get better cross-team interaction?

A - I imagine that your team haven’t always worked so well together, so I would start by asking yourself how they have got to where they are now.  Typically this takes time, effort and a willingness to do so, usually brought together by some common goals (amongst a plethora of possibilities!).  Now ask if you have replicated those, even in a scaled down way, when trying to work with other teams.  Often teams forget to share their goals, or to find common ground so that joint work results in a win-win situation.  You might want to sit down with your peer in the other team to work out how to get started, and present jointly to both teams about how you can work together.  Agree how you are going to resolve any issues that arise, so that everyone can see you are committed to making the relationship work.