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Should I use spyware to monitor my home working team?


Q - Should I use “Spyware” software to monitor my staff who are working at home?

A - Tracking software has its uses, but for me its main one would be to stop people from over-working.  Companies that feel the need to make sure their employees are “putting in the hours” need to recognise the root cause of this problem - it is a trust issue, which is a leadership issue.  If you set clear goals, and understand whether your team is delivering on those goals, then you shouldn’t need tracking software.  Does it matter that your teams are logged on for 8 hours each day if they are meeting / exceeding their objectives?  Does it matter where they are working from if they respond to calls and emails in a reasonable timeframe?  If you still want to use Spyware after reading this, then perhaps you are the problem!