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How can I make decisions without the right information?


Q - We have recently been acquired by a much larger company and I am struggling to work effectively within the new organisation.  I no longer get the information I need to make decisions and they are typically imposed on me from above - can I resolve this or should I leave?

A - This is a very common situation, especially with smaller companies being acquired by corporations.  As a leader in a small company you probably just speak to people every day to find out what is going on.  A business update meeting for your board is a regular thing.  In a corporation the same information is there somewhere, you just need to work out where and how you get access to it.  I suggest you meet with your new boss and explain the key information you need to know in order to make decisions, and ask them to help you find it.  If there is nothing obvious then create a ‘dashboard’ of information and make it available to your peers (you can’t be the only person struggling).  Also discuss your role in decision making versus your boss - be clear about the authority you have, and then use it (sometimes go over it to test the boundary, as asking for forgiveness is easier than asking for permission!).  Ultimately you want your autonomy back, so go and get it!  If you can’t, that’s the time to think about alternatives.