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How can I change my boss' leadership style


Q - I’m new to the company and one of our leaders rules our team with an iron-fist…I don’t think this is productive, what can I do to get them to change?

A - As the ‘newbie’ it can be quite daunting to challenge management behaviours, as you may feel it puts you at risk.  Another approach might be to ask questions - why do they do things in such a way.  It could provide a good reason for the ‘iron fist’ or it might make your manager stop and think about their style.  For example, if you are given a list of tasks to complete, ask your boss what they want you to achieve by completing those tasks, and then you can follow through by seeing if those tasks are all relevant.  If they want progress updates every minute, ask them what they are doing with that information.  Would it make a material difference if you discussed progress once or twice a day instead?  It is all about building trust.  Once your manager trusts you, they are far less likely to need to micromanage you.