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How do I change as a leader dealing with Covid-19?


Q - As a leader, how do I need to change my approach to my role as we get used to dealing with Covid-19?

A - I know most people are chasing their tails just getting used to the new ways of working, so it may sound strange for me to say this is an ideal time to take a step back and review the different aspects of your role.  Are the decisions you made in the last year still appropriate in the new environment you find the business?  Can you use your instinct to make fast decisions moving forwards, so you can adapt quickly to inevitable future changes?  How are your risk management skills, and what information will you base decisions on?  Can you develop a team that can adapt to new situations and build the resilience to cope with more flexible working?  Can you adapt your communication to inspire loyalty and performance that can help the business to thrive?  These are just a few high level ideas, and not always easy to implement, but they are a start.