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I don't see the point of 'exchange' days


Q - My company is starting an ‘exchange’ program, but I don’t see the point of spending a day in another department

A - Although these ‘knowledge sharing’ exercises where staff spend time in another area of the business are still quite rare I actually think they can be very useful. If you don’t see the point then it is likely that your leader has not communicated effectively with you the objectives of the program. Done in the right way a scheme like this can really bring departments together. I often find that departments have their own clear set of objectives that don’t make reference to any other departments! How can a business be successful unless everyone works together towards a set of common goals. I would suggest you approach your boss and ask for clarification on the objectives of this exchange, so that you can participate fully and get the most from it. Also think yourself lucky it’s only a day…I have heard of secondments that last for up to 6 months! Go with an open mind, you might find ideas that you can take back to your own team to help them