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My team are on back to back zoom meetings, how can I motivate them


Q - How can I inspire my team when they are on back to back Zoom calls all day?

A - My experience of working from home is that you need to be more disciplined about how and when you work, otherwise your work-life and home-life merge into one.  As a leader it is up to you to help your team build resilience and enable them to keep themselves motivated.  Although what I am about to say may sound counter-productive, one of the keys to motivating home workers is making sure they take regular breaks.  One of the fundamental keys to good leadership is that you measure them on their outcomes, not how many hours they are tied to their home working equipment. 

So if they do not have to be in a meeting, it is fine to get some fresh air, do some excercise or even have 10 minutes of peace with a cup of tea.  In fact I would insist that my team build in breaks whether or not they are on endless Zoom calls.  Typically, a 5-10 minute break in every hour is going to help people to refocus and recharge their batteries.  Suggest your team stop to look outside, get out and get some fresh air, take a walk and move away from their 'home office' for lunch and tea, coffee or water breaks. All of this will help them to think straight, solve problems and to be more creative.  Encourage them to have a set start and end time to their day and to switch off (literally and figuratively) once the work-day is over.  Ultimately we all need the right environment, the right fuel and time to switch off, alongside the usual goals and objectives to succeed.  

By the way, if you take these ideas back into the office environment, when we eventually get there again, you will have a much more motivated and productive team.  

Another key leadership capability is being able to understand what makes your team tick and how to keep them ticking.  That’s a bit more complex, so I suggest you get in touch if you need help with this.