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Team want to work from home after lockdown


QAfter lockdown my team now want to work from home, what should I do?

AThe decision about whether to let your team work from home has to be led by safety but also by the nature of the business.  I saw a recent survey that most people wanted a mix of office and home working, and this should be possible for most roles.  However, there will be some roles that must be office based, some people who are not suited to working from home (their choice), so the key is to be flexible.  Before agreeing to home working, make sure each person has the right environment (dedicated work space, where they won’t be interrupted), understands the health and safety implications of home working and that when they need to go into the office they can (i.e they are available for work wherever that may be).  Ultimately this is about trust as much as the practicalities, so you need to be clear about your objectives and expectations, and how you will monitor progress, in order to give people the autonomy they want.