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Why don’t I get the response I expect from urgent emails?



Q - Why don’t I get the response I want when I email my staff about urgent problems?

A - Firstly, put yourself in their shoes - would you respond well to an email “telling off”?  For me, email is a useful communication tool, at the right time.  However it is also my least favourite form of communication, for two reasons.  The English language can be interpreted in many different ways, which leads to much mis-communication.  Also when we read emails, we overlay our own emotional state on the message.  So you could write an email really positively, and the recipient could be feeling negative and will read it negatively.  Ouch!  

In short, if you have an important message to deliver to one person, or a small group of people, meet them face to face or pick up the phone.  If you must use email, make sure you follow up to check that the message was understood and received in the manner you sent it.