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Ask Alan - Retention


Q - With more people looking to change jobs in 2015 than in previous years, how can I retain my top talent?

A - A recent survey by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) has found that 37% of UK workers are planning to leave their jobs in 2015 - that’s almost double the figure at this time last year.  When salary increases have been suppressed for a number of years and now the job market is picking up, employers should not be surprised by this statistic. But are you ready?  Do you have tip-top retention plans for your tip-top talent? Read more about this in my Blog


Q - Times are tough and I’m not sure if I can afford big bonuses for my staff this year? Is there any other way to ensure they stay?

A - Many managers believe that the only way to motivate their employees is with money, bonuses, salary increases, overtime or increased benefits. Of course, good managers want their employees to have the best that the company can possibly offer. In spite of that, sometimes their just isn’t the money to provide these perks and you may be at loss as to what you should do instead to motivate your employees. There are, however, things you can do to keep your staff focused and happy. Read more about this in my Blog


Q - How long should I stick at a role that I really don't enjoy? 

A - Sometimes we need to take roles to get to other roles, and we can do something we don't enjoy for short periods.  However, if it is long term then think again.  A tough job role decision now can pay dividends in the long run. Read more about this in my Blog


Q - One of my staff is stuck in a rut and I think they might leave - what can I do?

A - New and exciting roles don’t come along every day, so focus them on getting the mundane things completed quickly and accurately, to free up time to work on more creative areas. As well as fulfilling the need for innovation, this approach is far more likely to lead to a new role, as the employee will be getting noticed for the right reasons.To read more click here


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