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How can I motivate during a pay freeze?


Q - I had lined up pay rises for some of my team which I felt they deserved.  Now a pay freeze has been imposed, how can motivate these people in their roles?

A - Unfortunately there are times when businesses have to impose pay freezes, usually for very good reasons.  Investigate and explain these reasons to your teams, if you can, so they can all understand the pressures that the business is under.  Try to find out how long it is likely to be before the pay freeze might be relaxed.  The next step is to take a look at the pay rises you recommended and see if any of the recipients are potential flight risks if they don’t get a rise.  Discuss this with your bosses, as it will likely cost them much more to recruit someone else than to make a small pay adjustment, even when there is a pay freeze (freeze doesn’t always mean freeze).  Finally remember that people are not only motivated by money. Take time to understand what makes your team tick and make sure they get these other motivators satisfied when they come to work