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How can I stop one of my staff thinking I am going to fire them?



Q - One of my team constantly thinks they are going to lose their job.  I tell them they are doing everything I need them to do, but this obsession is now distracting them so much they are starting to make mistakes.  How can I get back to where we were a few months ago?

A - It sounds like you are dealing with a perfectionist who is being very hard on themselves.  This is quite common, so firstly re-assure them that they are not alone.  Ask them to keep a note of any positive feedback they get, and review this regularly, so they can start to believe in themselves again.  Keep them focussed on tasks, as it can help to distract them from their negative feelings.  It is tricky, but try to find the balance between giving them re-assurance and trusting them to take ownership of their objectives, so that can find the self-belief they need to be resilient and positive.  Once they understand that they can change how they feel, they will be much better prepared for dealing with difficult situations in the future.