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HR for Non-HR Managers



The format of the programme is kept confidential, to maintain the impact on delegates. It is involving and interactive, with break-out sessions which review and challenge aspects of the sessions and provide practical experiences for effective learning.

The programme is modular and easily tailored to reflect specific company needs, policies and practices. The context is drawn from real experiences thus providing a true sense of reality. It is fast paced and enables real change by safely challenging behaviours and ‘custom and practice’.


Background to the Programme


With the growth of European legislation and the litigious society in which we now operate, companies are experiencing an increasing risk of employee litigation. When coupled with the demands and complexities of employing and managing a diverse community, it is inevitable that some managers fail to fully appreciate compliance and effectively address employee issues. The result is a loss to the business of valuable resources and time, all at a significant cost.

To help managers understand and address these concerns effectively, a high impact and experiential 2-day management programme has been successfully developed based on best practices, and rolled-out with proven results.


Programme Objectives

This unique 2-day programme provides a novel, dramatic and experiential training intervention for all people managers. It raises management awareness, skills, behaviours and confidence in a range of areas, including:

  • addressing people issues early and effectively;
  • embracing the virtues of organisational diversity and equal opportunities;
  • providing a practical insight to compliance with employment law and best practice.

At the end of the programme, each delegate is asked to declare their commitments for change. Individual commitments are then incorporated into personal objectives and followed-up some months later to monitor overall programme effectiveness.


Example programme modules:

  • Recruitment
  • Inclusion/Exclusion
  • Flexible Employment
  • General Management Responsibilities (including absence/stress management, working-time directive, health & safety/duty of care, data privacy, diversity/demographics, mandatory training)
  • Remuneration / Equal Pay
  • Communicating Difficult Messages
  • Managing Serious Performance Concerns
  • Setting Objectives
  • Diversity


Programme Benefits

In addition to achieving the programme objectives, further benefits include:

  • managers leave with a better understanding their responsibilities to staff, the company and themselves;
  • positive early intervention becomes a habit and reduces risk, management overhead & costs of resolving long-term problems;
  • awareness of unintentional exclusion/potential bias enables managers to apply a fairer approach to all staff and supports better teamworking;
  • improved relationships with staff through a more open/direct approach, which promotes staff development and empowerment, supported by the performance management system.

Overall the programme has had significant impact and received very positive feedback.

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