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Enhancing Customer Service




Oracle is one of the leading global IT solutions companies in the world. The Customer Management team wanted to investigate individual motivators and de-motivators, to enable them to increase productivity and team morale.



The team manager commissioned a Team Motivation Review, with the following objectives:Develop ways to maintain team motivation

  • Learn about individual attitudes and attributes
  • Identify “who the experts are” to help fill the gaps
  • Provide a rounded picture of employees and performance
  • Find effective ways to get employees to focus



  • The Review helped management understand motivators / de-motivators within their teams, enabling them to get the optimum efficiency from each individual.
  • A better understanding of the causes of performance and the effect on levels of motivation in the workplace. The management are now able to deal with these issues and retain valuable employees.
  • The Review enabled the management team to identify whether the roles motivated the employees, allowing them to identify any employees that would be more motivated by a different role and to help them make a successful move if they wanted.


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