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With more than 25 years of experience, Flexera are a global leader in software licensing, compliance, cybersecurity and installation solutions.  Flexera Software helps application producers and enterprises increase application usage and security, enhancing the value they derive from their software. This ensures continuous licensing compliance, optimised software investments, and future-proofing businesses against the risks and costs of constantly changing technology.



Extra Dimension was commissioned to conduct a Team Motivation Review for the territory sales teams in the EMEA organisation.   The main objectives were to:-

  • Understand how individuals were feeling about their work, and whether they may be at risk of leaving
  • Help leaders to understand what actions to take to maintain and increase employee motivation and performance in the long term, in order to manage attrition pro-actively
  • Embed this adaptability within the leaders, rather than this being a one-off exercise



  • Identified a number of potential flight risks, implementing successful retention plans
  • Helped to make clear decisions about whether to invest further in under-performers
  • Enabled leaders to initiate broader discussions with staff about what makes them tick and how to get the best from each individual
  • Put more focus on career planning, including developing and promoting within the team
  • Identified the need for time to implement development plans and to be clear about what success looks like for the team and individuals
  • Identified where the team needed to be challenged, to work outside of their comfort zones, in order to achieve success and maintain high performance
  • Helped the team members to take ownership of their performance, career and how the team works together to be more successful.