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Increase in Team Productivity




Siemens is a leading global engineering company, employing around 14,000 people in the UK. The company provides innovative solutions to help tackle the world’s major challenges, across the key sectors of energy, industry, infrastructure & cities and healthcare. The Corporate Communications management team enlisted the help of Extra Dimension to ensure the team was adapting to the significant amount of change occurring at local and global levels within Siemens.



Extra Dimension was commissioned to conduct a Team Motivation Review with the following objectives:

  • Boost motivation levels in a challenging environment
  • Increase team awareness, helping them to work better together
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Maintain and increase performance levels



  • The teams were restructured to enable the management team to focus on their KPIs, whilst developing two of the high potential team members into management roles.
  • Individual action plans have been put in place to maintain motivation and performance levels.
  • The team have a clearer understanding of who they can turn to for support to help them succeed.
  • The management team have re-defined their roles to be more effective in their overall leadership.
  • There is clearer communication regarding strategy and direction to ensure each individual knows what is expected of them.
  • The management team adapt their leadership styles toward individual motivators, which has increased team productivity.
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