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Leading in a Global Model




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The move to a global reporting structure created significant organisational change, increasing the size and responsibilities of the HR team.



Extra Dimension was commissioned to conduct a Team Motivation Review for the HR Leadership Team in the North European region. The main objectives were to:-

  • Understand how a diverse group of individuals were motivated, and whether those motivators were being met in their current roles

  • Help the individuals to understand each other, in order to develop a more cohesive team
  • Gain additional insights to help to get the best out of everyone
  • Maintain and increase team performance in a rapidly changing environment



  • Identified a clear trend towards independence rather than team working, putting in place strategies to be more consistent and cohesive

  • Recognised that the detailed, specialist approach could be an obstacle to driving change, helping the team to focus on its critical success factors

  • Identified a number of individuals who were ready for a role change, initiating those discussions and enabling a revised HR structure to be implemented

  • Identified that the team needed to work outside of their comfort zones, in order to communicate effectively and to influence the wider business to adopt change.


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